Laser 4.7 Rig $3500

Type: For Sale

Item: Laser

Laser Rig Type: 4.7

Sail Number: 186641

Boat Name/ Item Name: Wannabee

Description: I am selling my Laser 4.7 ready to race with a road trailer. Can deliver to Bunbury and Perth.

Boat Name: Wannabee

Sail Number: 186641

Sails: 5 x 4.7 sails (Varying conditions) with battens

Spars: 2 x 4.7 bottom sections, 2 x top sections, 1 x boom (fully rigged)

Hull: Good condition

Foils: 1 x rudder, 1 centreboard and carbon tiller and carbon extension

Ropes: 2 x mainsheets (light wind and heavy wind)

Other: Turbo kit, registered road trailer, foil cover and top cover

Price: 3500

Name: Bee Allison

Email Address:

Phone Number: 0438930810