Singapore Regatta Report 2018

Thanks to the recent grant supplied to me by FSC and the  Wala association I was able to compete in the Singapore Youth Nationals against some of the worlds best light wind sailors. I am very grateful for the support and opportunity to continue my journey of learning and gaining experience.

The weather in Singapore consisted of incredibly high humidity and constant 25+ degrees making hydration and rest management essential. In total I drank almost three times the amount of water I would generally drink at home. I remember stating dehydration wouldn’t kill me water intoxication would. The launching facilities at the regatta proved to be a real challenge with low quality wheels and deep sand. My training partner and I had to help each other get our boats up the beach; later on we became accustomed to the conditions and were able to minimize the amount of time we were stuck in the sun. The food over there was amazing and I was lucky to make a lot of new friends that I can’t wait to catch up with in July at the Laser 4.7 World Championships in Poland. Throughout this trip Stefan and I stayed at the Cortis’ house in Singapore and spent our downtime playing a lot of foosball before debrief in the evening and settling down for bed.

Overall I would say my highlight of the trip was getting to meet all the Singaporean sailors and getting to know what life was like over there. I began the regatta struggling with the light shifty conditions and steadily improved throughout the regatta to end with fifth place, however, I was a little disappointed that we weren’t able to complete the medal race.