Retail Links & Other Information

Laser Online Shop - PSA Sailing
This is one of the most popular online Laser sailing shops for boats, equipment and sailing gear.

Radio Controlled Lasers
For information on Radio Controlled Lasers

Sail World
This website gives its readers the latest in all boating news from all around the world, whether it be from small dinghies to large keelboats.

NB Laser Sales
For the latest Laser prices in New South Wales.

Live Sail Die
A Queensland initiative, this website has a forum facility and showcases the latest news from the Eastern Seaboard. Similar to FreoDoctor of WA.

Australian Sailing Team
For all the latest on our olympic squad, and current laser representatives.

Dr Laser
A good page for laser and sailing information. Lots of articles about boat handling, maintenance, tuning and even race control.

Things to do for a Laser
This site offers a useful collection of articles of things you can do for your laser, including Trailering, attaching drink bottles, fixing batten ends, building hiking benches...

The Team Vanguard Web Site
The web site of the new holders of the US Laser patent. This page contains a lot of advertising stuff about the laser itself.

Local waters forecast for Perth waters (updated regularly during the day).

Mark Rosenstein's Sailing Page
A huge list of sailing internet resources.

Laser Sailing Tips - A very informative interactive site with information on all aspects of laser sailing.

An international company formed to deliver coaching products and services. They also have a fair bit of laser stuff, and a tip of the week section.

Sail Equipment Australia
This is a sail equipment store owned and run by Brendan Casey, one of the best laser sailors in Australia.