Full Rig & Road Trailer (Price Drop)

Type: For Sale

Item: Laser

Laser Rig Type: Full Rig, Radial

Sail Number: 188598

Boat Name/ Item Name: Laser

Description: PRICE DROP $3500 Including Road Trailer
Great boat always stored in dry undercover areas. Light use throughout its life after spending 2 years under cover, not sailed 2011-2013. Owned by current owner since winter 2013. Competitive recent Radial sailing record. 3rd in club championship and 2nd consistency at RFBYC in 2013/2014 summer season. 1st in Club Championship & Consistency 2014-2015 summer sailing season. Has been stored undercover and has not sailed since. This boat comes with an extensive sail, spar & rigging wardrobe.
-1 Harken Mainsheet Block
-1 Near new “Special Laser Liros Mainsheet” Near new condition
-1 Turbo Kit, ropes replaced late 2014
-1 Outhaul System, ropes replaced late 2014
-1 Cunningham system, ropes replaced late 2014
- 1 Top Section
- 1 Radial Bottom Section (new late 2014)
- 1 Full Rig Bottom Section
- 1 Boom 
-1 Laser Centerboard
-1 Laser Rudder 
-1 Aluminum Tiller 
-1 Carbon Tiller 
-1 Tiller Extension

Full Rig
- 2 Full rig sails, both in very good condition.
-1 Regatta Sail new for 2014 State Championships & not used since
-3 Club Sails 
-2 Training sails
This boat is a perfect entry level/intermediate racer for all ages and abilities, if you have any queries or would like to meet and see the boat please don’t hesitate to call/email.
Ethan Prieto-Low 0401 080 828

Price: 3500

Name: Ethan Prieto-Low

Email Address: ethanplow@gmail.com

Phone Number: 0401080828

Laser Full Rig $5000

Type: For Sale

Item: Laser

Laser Rig Type: Full Rig

Sail Number: 202932

Boat Name/ Item Name: Just Sailin

Description: Excellent condition full rig Laser. Stiff and dry hull. Competitive around the buoys. 
1 x Good condition Mark 2 Sail 
3 x good condition Mark 1 sails 
1x Radial Sail ( no mast section) 
Awesome Neil pryde full cover 
Carbon tiller 
Turbo vang 
Solid beach trolley. 
Road licensed trailer (not included in price but negotiable)

Price: 5000

Name: Kane Davies

Email Address: kane@bluewaveelectrical.com.au

Phone Number: 0439940356

Laser Full Rig $5,500

Type: For Sale

Item: Laser

Laser Rig Type: Full Rig

Sail Number: 206040

Boat Name/ Item Name: Laser

Description: Complete boat with top and bottom covers. Mast and foil bag. Carbon tiller and extension. Recently replacement of all control l;ines. New std bottom section. Brand new Ali top section never used. Carbon top section.
Choice of sails 1 regatta old MK1 and 5 Mk2 used sails.
Non stacker dolly

Most likely will come with a bucket of spares as its taking room up in the shed

Price: 5500

Name: Paul Gilham

Email Address: paulsbus@bigpond.net.au

Phone Number: 0417188434

Laser Radial Rig $3000

Type: For Sale

Item: Laser

Laser Rig Type: Radial

Sail Number: 186652

Boat Name/ Item Name: KMT

Description: Comes with trolley, carbon tiller and tiller extension, wind indicator, foil bag, good sail and training sail, spare top section and deck cover.

Excellent condition, stored under cover.

Price: $3000

Name: Scott Hinton

Email Address: scotthints@gmail.com

Phone Number: 0416781995

Laser Radial Rig $2,400

ype: For Sale

Item: Laser

Laser Rig Type: Radial

Sail Number: 158867

Boat Name/ Item Name: Formally was Patrol Boat radial rig

Description: Hi all
Sorry made a mistake on the earlier ad it is not a full rig but a radial rig
I have a new boat and no storage so selling really cheaply for a great boat that still wins races
Come have a look and compare it to other boats out there.

Price: Reduced 2400

Name: Justin Rose

Email Address: home_of_rose@hotmail.com

Phone Number: 0417987708

Laser Radial $6,800

Type: For Sale

Item: Laser

Laser Rig Type: Radial

Sail Number: 208345

Boat Name/ Item Name: Laser

Description: Laser 208345
Dry stiff hull, comes complete ready to race, radial setup, 2 sails, stackable dolly, liros control lines, centreboard, rudder, carbon tiller and extension, foil bag, top and bottom covers.

Price: $6800

Name: James Stewart

Email Address: raptor.jamesstewart@gmail.com

Phone Number: 0434037303

Laser Full/Radial Rig $5000

Type: For Sale

Item: Laser

Laser Rig Type: Full Rig, Radial

Sail Number: 149812

Boat Name/ Item Name: Stump jumper

Description: For sale with 3 full size sails, 1 of which is a training sail, 2 practically new and 1 has been used a handful of times. 1 Radial sail has been used a few times. Has a near new turbo vang upgrade that was installed 2 years ago but has only been raced about 8 times since. Comes with centre board and tiler with a carbon tilar extension as well as original. Has beach dolly and licensed road trailer. Hasn't been used in over a year and a half due to work and injury

Price: 5000 ono

Name: Shaun Scott

Email Address: scotts97@westnet.com.au

Phone Number: 0408688497

Laser 4.7 Rig $6,000

ype: For Sale

Item: Laser

Laser Rig Type: 4.7

Sail Number: 202760

Boat Name/ Item Name: Irish

Description: Laser Hull (202760)
2x 4.7 sails
1x Beach dolly w/ solid wheels
1x tiller rudder
1x Centreboard (with Tom Slingsby signature)
1x top section mast
1x bottom section mast
1x boom
All ropes and parts included

Boat has been lightly sailed since coming into my possession. Having less and less time to sail it, so trying to move it on. Boat is in good condition. Is washed and packed nicely. All offers are accepted (no low balls).

Price: 6000

Name: Aidan Lee

Email Address: aidanlee00@gmail.com

Phone Number: 0406000189

Laser Full Rig/Radial $4,950 - Reduced

Type: For Sale

Item: Laser

Laser Rig Type: Full Rig, Radial

Sail Number: 192565

Boat Name/ Item Name: Squid

Description: Full Rig Laser. Stiff hull, on weight. Dolly, carbon fibre tiller, new foils this season, spare centreboard, section. 
Full turbo kit. 
Full rig sails – 1xradial new last summer, 1xcross cut new (used 3 times), 1x cross cut 2 yo (hardly used), 1x cross cut good condition. 1x Radial rig sail fair condition. 
Plastimo 100 compass in dome. Deck cover, winter deck cover,
Laser foil bag. 
All kit in immaculate
condition. At RPYC.

Price: 4950

Name: Chris Pratt

Email Address: cdpratt@outlook.com

Phone Number: 0412367332

Laser Radial/4.7 Rig $3,500

Type: For Sale

Item: Laser

Laser Rig Type: Radial, 4.7

Sail Number: 148661

Boat Name/ Item Name: Overeasy

Description: 1x Radial Bottom Section, 
1x 4.7 Bottom Section
2x Radial Sails
2x 4.7 Sail (1Training)
1x Top Section
1x Boom
1x Carbon Fibre tila extension
New ropes
New toe strap
1x Dolly
1x Licence Road Trailer
(carry up to 3x lasers)
Good Condition - minor scratches

Price: $3500.00 ono

Name: Kim Wade

Email Address: wadeplumbing@bigpond.com

Phone Number: 0417099277

Laser Full/Radial Rig $5000

Type: For Sale

Item: Laser

Laser Rig Type: Full Rig, Radial

Sail Number: 203189

Boat Name/ Item Name: Laser Full Rig or Radial

Description: Minimum weight (57 kgs) and correct mast rake boat. Fast. Masters 2016 WA State Champion and 2nd 2015 Australian Titles Masters . Mk2 Full Rig available or Radial Rig, your choice. Both sails are in excellent condition. Hull has had very little use and has not been used for training mid week like most of the others. Only sailed major regattas and limited club racing.

Price: 5,000

Name: Craig Hughes

Email Address: hughes_cb@hotmail.com

Phone Number: 0481854281


Type: For Sale

Item: Laser Equipment

Laser Rig Type:

Sail Number:

Boat Name/ Item Name: Laser Parts Boom Vang & Single Micro Blocks

Description: Boom Vang Complete (LAS11030 cost $352.80)
Harken Single Micro Block (HK224 cost $16.45)
Harken Single Micro Block w/becket (HK225 cost $18.98)
All items BRAND NEW (still in packet with price tag attached).
Will sell for $297 the lot.
Photos available upon request.

Price: 297

Name: Neville Prosser

Email Address: the.prossers@bigpond.com

Phone Number: 0418928746

Laser Radial Rig $5500

Type: For Sale

Item: Laser

Laser Rig Type: Radial

Sail Number: 193416

Boat Name/ Item Name: Laser Radial

Description: Ex 2011 ISAF LASER boat
Comes with Radial sail and spars all in great condition
Launching Dolly
Road Trailer
Top deck boat cover
Foil bag - rudder, centreboard, carbon tiller and extension with spares for both (in photos)
Weather indicator
2 main sheets
Spare control lines
Deck bottle holder
Sail battens
Foam spar holder
Spare boom

Price: 5500

Name: Jackie Godfroy

Email Address: simonjac@bigpond.net.au

Phone Number: 0419904648