Laser 4.7 Rig $3500

Type: For Sale

Item: Laser

Laser Rig Type: 4.7

Sail Number: 186641

Boat Name/ Item Name: Wannabee

Description: I am selling my Laser 4.7 ready to race with a road trailer. Can deliver to Bunbury and Perth.

Boat Name: Wannabee

Sail Number: 186641

Sails: 5 x 4.7 sails (Varying conditions) with battens

Spars: 2 x 4.7 bottom sections, 2 x top sections, 1 x boom (fully rigged)

Hull: Good condition

Foils: 1 x rudder, 1 centreboard and carbon tiller and carbon extension

Ropes: 2 x mainsheets (light wind and heavy wind)

Other: Turbo kit, registered road trailer, foil cover and top cover

Price: 3500

Name: Bee Allison

Email Address:

Phone Number: 0438930810

Laser 4.7/ Radial $2000

Type: For Sale

Item: Laser

Laser Rig Type: 4.7/ Radial

Sail Number: 159135

Boat Name/ Item Name: Sea Ya

Description: 3 rigs: 4.7 (1x training and 1x near new
racing) and Radial (1x sail) rig with
bottom/top sections Turbo vang kit,
carbon fibre tiller and extension, boat
cover and foils bag and light weight
dolly. Good condition and raced
regularly at RPYC Currently located
under cover at RPYC Happy to

Price: $2000

Name: Saskia Mackay

Email Address: 

Phone Number: 0432180142

Laser Full Rig $7500-8400

Type: For Sale

Item: Laser

Laser Rig Type: Full Rig

Sail Number: 208351

Boat Name/ Item Name: -

Description: Selling my laser. Boat is in very good
condition. Hull has been measured and
weighed and is the best of 15 boats that
were in the factory at the time of
purchase. 7500 without sail. 8400 with
brand new full rig mkII sail still in
plastic. Comes with everything needed
and optional sail: - Carbon tiller
extension and tiller – Top and bottom
covers – Full rig bottom section used
for about a month, top section used for
two regattas and older boom. – Foils
-Dolley –All ropes and rigging
gear. Boat is in fantastic condition
and has been sitting in a shed for the
last year not being used. Super quick
hull being dual National championship
and dual state championship winning
boat. Comes with a few spares as well.

Price: $7500-8400

Name: Alistair Young

Email Address:

Phone Number: 0435915579

Laser Full Rig $2900

Type: For Sale

Item: Laser

Laser Rig Type: Full Rig/ Radial

Sail Number: 163174

Boat Name/ Item Name: Final Approach

Description: Full Rig Laser. Stiff hull, on weight.
Dolly, carbon fibre tiller and
extension, foils, new top sections,
spare boom, 2 year old bottom section.
Full turbo kit. Full rig sails –used 4
times 1xcross cut new last summer and
2 x spare sails for training or racing, 
1x Radial rig sail fair condition. All
in racing and good condition. Kept at
RFBYC under cover.

Price: $2900

Name: Rob Weight

Email Address:

Phone Number: 0457004795